See Why Our Clients Love Us. 

“Recording with Q has been quite the experience... one I hope is not at all near ending. I’m really particular about how my music should sound because I need it to emulate how I hear it in my head, and I know that can be frustrating. Q stopped my session once and explained my crazy to me It was at that moment I knew I could trust him with what meant most to me, my sound. I came in a stranger, but left a friend.” 

- Mytentie G

I would have never imagined becoming a professional singer, let alone having my very own album/songs to share with the world! I’m so grateful for QRS and the collaboration, coaching, organization, production, and passion Quinton has devoted throughout the process of bringing my dream to life! I felt right at home in the studio; such a welcoming space, with good energy. I consider myself so fortunate to have gone through this creative musical journey of mine, with someone as gifted as Q. ”

- Kristyna T

I have had the pleasure of working with Quinton Davis at QRS for the past three years. When I first came to the studio, I hadn’t recorded in a couple of years. I was extremely timid, shy, and nervous to get back to doing what I love. Quinton made my experience so welcoming and made me feel comfortable to start again. At times where I felt like I wasn’t good enough or able to expand as an artist, he has continuously pushed me to my full potential. I will come to the studio with random ideas and somehow he is always able to know exactly what I want and puts together the perfect music. He is by far the most creative and naturally gifted producers I’ve had the pleasure of creating with and I highly recommend booking at Q Recording Studios!

- Amberly J

I became a client of QRS three years ago and although I was nervous about getting back into the swing of working on new music I took the leap and from our first meeting I knew there was something different. From tears of frustration/doubt to being confident in the process, Quinton allowed me to be fully expressed in every session. When the day came for me to hear the final mixes I was overjoyed to know we created a sound that was my own and I would be proud to put out for the world to hear.

- Tomeka W